International Usability Testing

In Sweden, the cash dispensers have very large buttons. Do you know why these buttons are so big? You can press them wearing thick gloves. Swedish winters are cold.

In the USA, zip code is a well-known concept. It stands for 'Zone Improvement Plan', but has very little meaning to anyone outside the US.

In Japan, people find disembodied body parts, e.g. eyes and mouths, unappealing in visual imagery.

Companies that compete in the international marketplace recognize the value of user experience and user testing in their global strategy.

Usability testing is a well-established technique to enhance the user experience of products. It might seem like mission impossible to test applications and designs with all target culture representatives present, don't you think?

In this white paper, we outline everything you need to know when considering international usability testing. So you can go out there, get the data and make a better product!

Published on: 26/03/12
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Author:Human Interface Group
Human Interface Group

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