How to successfully implement a secure mobile strategy?

Security is as strong as the weakest link

In order to adapt to the fast paced virtualization and mobilization trend, organizations worldwide will have to make their applications, data and corporate information accessible from any portable device for customers, suppliers and employees. Protecting access to online applications such as m-commerce or m-banking services or access to corporate networks might be a good solution. However, any security system is only as effective as its weakest link.

Consumers and employees often use the same passwords for a multitude of professional and personal applications. By reusing the same password over and over again, they put every application containing confidential information – although unwillingly and perhaps unknowingly – at risk. Furthermore, mobile devices are often not password-enabled and lack the ability to authenticate users and control access to data stored on the devices. Learn how authentication tools safeguard user login and ensure that only authorized users gain access to your mobile applications. Discover how other business owners secure user access on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

Published on: 09/10/13
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