High Stakes of Security

Given the unknowns in business, decision makers often feel like they’re gambling as they make educated guesses to set the direction for their company. Their success is based heavily on their ability to weigh risks versus rewards, and to consistently place and win strategic bets. When the variables are known and opponents follow the same rules, it’s reasonable to expect that calculated wagers will pay off. But in areas like security, cheaters are rampant and the rules are constantly changing. As a result, it’s becoming more and more difficult for chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) to know where to focus resources to protect confidential information and comply with government regulations. Although there’s no such thing as a sure bet to protect critical information, there are approaches that can help to significantly reduce exposure to risks and meet security compliance obligations. What’s required is a security approach that’s integrated with your business strategy. Without this, you’re risking a lot more than downtime or the simple loss of information assets or capital—you may be betting your brand image.

Published on: 12/12/06
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