Spectrum Access Techniques in Cognitive Radio Technology

The ever growing demand for wireless services has placed enormous burden on valuable resources such as spectral bandwidth. This has resulted in the evolution of various new technologies. Today’s radio environment features a heterogeneous mix of radio access technologies. In such an environment many wireless standards, or radio access technologies (RATs), coexist aided by advances in processors, RF technology, and software (resulting in software defined radios). As the number of wireless devices requiring spectrum access will undoubtedly increase, much effort has gone into exploiting the available spectrum as it exhibits large geospatial and temporal variance.

Cognitive Radio (CR) offers a solution to it. The cognitive radio paradigm aims to design intelligent radios that can sense the environment and adapt the transceiver parameters as well as the resource allocation decisions in order to exploit the spectrum availability aggressively.

Published on: 23/02/12
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Author:Rakshpal Shekhawat

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