How to write a paper

First of all, it is important to know what a white paper is. Michael A. Stelzner has a detailed definition in his book "Writing White Papers": A white paper is a technical or business benefits document that introduces a challenge faced by its readers and makes a strong case why a particular approach to solving a problem is preffered. A white paper usually proposes a solution to a problem, but can also introduce a new concept or describe how to perform technical tasks.

A white paper helps people make decisions. And the decision to produce a white paper usually comes from the need to sell products and services. A white paper is the ideal method to introduce your company as a specialist in a certain matter. In these hard economic times it is important to reach people not only with branding, but with usefull information. With a medium for lead generation.

It is important to define your topic. In what language will it be written. Is my target group in need of such a topic. So you should define your reader: where does he work, what can he or she mean for my company. What position should he have. Keep the mission statement of your company in mind; what is the objective of your white paper?

Do you have templates for your paper? Are you going to interview people or businesses? Do you need research to strenghten your paper?

Answers to the questions above can be found in several books about white papers. Here you already have some of our sources:

  • "Writing White Papers", by Michael A. Stelzner -
  • "The White Paper Marketing Handbook", by Robert W. Bly

If you need direct input on your new or planned white paper, you can always contact our experts.



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